Newton workshop #1:EVT ended successfully

3 min readAug 19, 2022


On August 7, 2022, the Newton community launched an unprecedented journey of exploration based on blockchain. Due to occupying a certain amount of time and people, and as a new concept on the blockchain — EVT rejected copied at will has attracted, this workshop event ended successfully. Newton community held a smooth discussion with industry insiders on the development of EVT (new blockchain technology). The entire effect is perfect, which provides a new direction and necessary support for the construction of Newton community in the future.

First of all, thanks to the organizers and planners of this workshop event. This workshop is very well prepared in the early stage and has comprehensive coverage. It perfectly interprets the concept of EVT. To build a more decentralized, safer, and more flexible community economic foundation, a complete set of operable activity manuals has been formed.

Secondly, the form of the online conference has brought Newton community into contact with many like-minded people, which has achieved the preliminary expected effect.

Third, in terms of EVT, we have stated that we are committed to utilizing the variable encryption of EVT, adding more protection to original copyrights, and bringing guys entering a more open and innovative metaverse. In addition, live demonstrations by professionals in the industry illustrate the idea of EVT and the practicability of coding. The activity as a whole gave the participants a significant impact on vision and hearing, which created an excellent opportunity for our future work.

With the demonstration of EVT and the explanation of EVT coding, the whole workshop event reached the top, and the participants were gradually brought into the ideally EVT world, and Newton community gradually achieved the set goal. Thanks to this collision of ideas, the concept of EVT brings some different sparks. Through this event, the original intention of Newton community has been further deepened, and the relationship between the Newton community and the industry as well as the community has been enhanced, improving the collaboration and cohesion of the Newton community team.

In short, the Newton community has sorted out the ideas and clarified the direction. In the future progress, we will steadily promote the development of EVT and the construction of the overall project. Thank you for your support and trust that let us Newton community gradually get better.

For review: You can watch the presentation on YouTube and follow along in the workshop recording.

Workshop EVT-contract solution

Built-in new code for reference:




Infrastructure for the community economy