Newton Weekly Updates — 7 May 2018

Technical Dynamics

1.Newton development team has added the website security identity and finished the deployment of EV SSL certificates. EV SSL is the highest level SSL certificate adding strict third-party identity verification, activating the browser’s green address bar, resulting in a security-enhanced green encryption effect. Newton official website information carries 256-bit security encryption, which can guarantee the security of communication between client and server.

2.Newton member system framework design is completed. The Newton development team optimized the KYC process in terms of user information security, operating comfort, etc. Newton’s member system now fully entered the testing phase.

3.The website of Newton now supports HSTS and we have submitted the domain to the HSTS Preload list maintained by Google. The HSTS protocol will ensure that the user’s browser is always connected to the HTTPS encrypted version of the Newton official website and users do not need to manually enter the encrypted address in the URL address field. The protocol will help the site adopt global encryption to ensure that the user is accessing a secure version of Newton’s official website. For more information on HSTS please visit:

4.The Newton Development team completed the design and optimization of weekly reports, newsletters, posters, and registration landing pages.

Team dynamics

This week Jizhe Xu successively conducted teleconferences with five overseas agencies. The conference mainly focused on Newton’s development vision, super exchange agreement and NewChain design mode. The participants all expressed their recognition of Newton’s values and design concepts. They are looking forward to joining Newton’s overseas community for further cooperation.

On May 1st International Labor Day, Zhizhe Xu presided over Newton’s technology development meeting. The meeting discussed the prototype design of NewPay and the technical implementation path for the testing chain. The meeting arranged work on the improvement of the membership system, interaction details, website UI design optimization and so on.

This week, Jizhe Xu was invited to receive an exclusive interview by the famous financial media “Golden Finance”. In the interview, Xu Jizhe said that the development of the public chain in the future should find its own position and apply it to the industry. Even a project already has the first-mover advantage, it still needs 5 to 10 years of long-term running to be successful. Jizhe Xu believes that all entrepreneurial ventures must ultimately meet the commercial nature. For those who have not yet joined this industry, there are still many opportunities for the future. (For more interview information, please see Newton’s official website blog)

On May 6th, Jizhe Xu attended the International Forum for the “Exploration and Practice towards the Common Destiny of Humankind” in Chengdu. Xu Jizhe said “Compared to the application of blockchain in other industries, blockchain also has a huge application space in the fields of public welfare and public services. Newton will jointly establish Newton Public Welfare together with the public welfare organizations in Newton Ecology and make a contribution to social welfare.”

Ecological construction

On May 3, Jizhe Xu and Newton consultants — Prof. Xueyong Gu (Professor of Tsinghua University, Director of iCenter International Exchange Department), and SingularityNET (AGI) founder Ben Goertzel on the cooperation of decentralized artificial intelligence based on blockchain technology conducted an in-depth discussion.

Joint Business Organization

This week, Newton’s joint business organization set out to expand the new warehouse, prepare a larger warehouse, design a new generation of merchandise management processes, increase IOT equipment, thereby making full preparation for the operation of DApp blockchain e-commerce based on the Newton model.

Community News

1.The number of international community in Telegram increased to over 4,500 this week. In the past week, the development of the international community has grown by leaps and bounds. The growth rate of users is as high as 181%. With the support of Newton users and volunteers, the Newton International Community continues to grow.

2.This week Newton was ranked by the rating agency as the top 20 best projects.

3.WHITEMAGE CHANNEL released the most promising project TOP5, Newton was on the list.

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