Newton weekly report | 2018.07.23–2018.07.29

4 min readJul 30, 2018


Technical dynamics

1. The Dutch official website is online. The official website currently supports 11 languages.

2. The introduction of Newton Ecological Development Fund and the information of token exchange are now available on the official website.

3. The white paper in English, Japanese, German and Russian versions are now available on the official website for users to download.

4. We completed the development of the user growth module, the design and development of the airdrop module.

5. The private beta test version of the test net was successfully launched, and the functions include NewChain, NewPay, NewExplorer, etc., preparing for the official launch of the test net.

6. We improved the synchronization and query functions of NewExplorer and completed the optimization of the mobile UI.

7. We optimized the user payment experience of NewPay-Android, improved functions including the export wallet UI, and quickly added friends. At the same time, the development of NewPay-iOS functions was completed, including message notification, amount setting, internationalization and other functions. The private testing was started.

8. NewCommander now supports exporting transactions to files, signing transaction files offline, submitting signed transaction files to NewChain, etc. It can be used as an offline wallet and is more secure.

9. We added new features such as node verification for NewChainDump.

Team dynamics

1. From July 23rd to 27th, 2018, Mr. Theodore Gray was invited by Newton founder Mr. Jizhe Xu to work at the Newton headquarters for a week. Mr. Xu and Mr. Theodore Gray conducted in-depth discussions and fully exchanged their views on many topics including the top design of the Newton Ecology, global promotion, research institution construction and so on. Mr. Theodore Gray provided a lot of good advices from a professional perspective.

Mr.Jizhe Xu and Mr. Theodore Gray

2. On July 26, 2018, Newton founder Mr. Jizhe Xu, Newton co-founder Mr. Shubin Li, the cornerstone investors Mr. Jun Liu, Mr. Feng Guo, and Mr. Haifeng Ye, participated in the discussion of the Newton community. They conducted heated interactions with community members on a series of topics such as the implementation of Newton’s ecology and various types of vertical e-commerce.

3. On July 29,2018, Newton founder Mr. Jizhe Xu, Newton co-founder Mr. Shubin Li, Joint Chief Architect Mr. Wu Xia and Guang Meng,the cornerstone investors Mr. Jun Liu and Mr. Feng Guo, held the NewMall technical exchange conference.

4. On July 26, 2018, Mr. Haifeng Ye, Newton cornerstone investor, shared his thoughts on the practical application of blockchain technology to the audience and LP at the “Haifeng Zhicheng Annual Investor Conference”. Mr. Ye thinks that the practical application the blockchain project will break through the shortcomings of traditional intermediary services. In business applications, Mr. Ye described a decentralized shopping scene on Newton’s “chain-commerce”. Mr. Ye said that we are currently undergoing a transition from information transfer to value transfer, and the application of blockchain technology will truly share value to every participant in economic activities.

Community dynamics

1. On July 27th, the Newton Yunnan Community “Colorful Cloud Blockchain Alliance” held the “Colorful Cloud ‘blockchain+’ Industry Application Exchange Conference” in Kunming Expo Park in Yunnan, China. More than 100 community members participated in this event. Mr. Zhengxiong Pu, the representative of Newton Yunnan community, gave a wonderful interpretation of the Newton project, which helped the audience at the scene to get a deeper understanding of Newton.


This week, the progress of the Newton project was introduced to the public by the media “bitcoin exchange guide” and so on.

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