Newton Weekly | 2022.08.15 -2022.08.19

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[Summary: In the past week, Newton has further improved the current ideas and community construction, focusing on the construction of the developer community, information improvement, and technology upgrades for a week of work. In the future, Newton will refine the design of web pages, the construction of developer communities, and the innovation of technology. Strive to absorb talents and reserve talents. ]

1 Newton Technology progress

1.1 Completed:

(1)Agreement contract completed link:

(2)NEP-53 standard upgraded link:

2 Core Data

2.1 By the end of last week, there were 71 Newton human community DAOs. The amount of NEW locked in DAOs exceeded 6.8 billion,and the number of voters 1820.

2.2 By the end of last week,NEW had more than 1,418,076 addresses, the NewTax had collected more than 29 million NEW.

3 Community updated


(1) Updated media kit resources, including Newton Logo and Newton Slide to learn about Newton’s information introduction content, highlight information, future development roadmap, etc.

(2)In-depth development of the developer community — improve the information on the official website about workshops, hackathon, and Grants.

3.2 News

(1) New Token will being burned 50% in the following days

(2)Newton Workshop Andverse Explorer V0.1.0 testnet Open for public testing #1 was end successfully.

(3) Andverse Workshop Andverse Explorer V0.1.0 testnet Open for public testing #1 is in the works, tentatively scheduled to open on August 28, 2022.

3.3 Social media data:

(1) Twitter:7189 members

(2) Telegram:2210 members

(3) Discord:23 members

(4) Medium:281 followers

(5) Reddit:74 karma 4 years on Reddit

4 Ecosystem progress

4.1 Newton

(1) Completed:

(2)Ongoing task:

  • New Collector Research/Design
  • Developers page documentation writing
  • Official website SEO optimization
  • Build EVT dev environment
  • Newkeeper docker containerization
  • Build an operating community
  • Official website Community module upgrade
  • Newton-2.0-P1 transaction fee destruction development

(3)This week-tasks .

  • The official website page improve.
  • Update on talent recruitment.
  • Construction of NewCollect
  • Follow up on the consensus algorithm of blockchain, including EVT’s guide writing and Newtoken’s destruction algorithm improvement.
  • Newkeeper — docker containerization
  • Improve the developer community and operation mechanism.

4.2 Andverse


  • Designed a parkour-like game in Andverse.
  • Implemented the development of logging in to Andverse using Newmask.

(2)Ongoing task:

  • The opening of Andverse Workshop 1: Building Andverse Worlds, on August 28, 2022.

5 DisclaimerNewton (NEW) is a built-in tool attribute value measurement, storage, and incentive tool for the Newton ecosystem. Through technical infrastructure such as NewChain, a new organizational governance paradigm will be established to serve various industries and application scenarios. Please know that the market determines its price, and the risk of drastic price fluctuations is not excluded. The content of the article does not constitute investment advice. Please make your own prudent decision and bear the corresponding risks independently.

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