Newton Weekly | 2022.07.18 -2022.07.22

❏ Technical Progress

1. Newton official website DevNet launched five secondary pages in markdown format,including: FAQ, Contact Us, Copyright, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy;

2. Newton official website global community added discord;

3. Newton official website version planning draft completed;

4. EVT-lib released new version v1.0.4, added test instances;

5. Newton-2.0 DevNet has started building.

❏ Community News

1. By the end of last week, there were 70 Newton human community DAOs. The amount of NEW locked in DAOs exceeded 6.8 billion,and the number of voters 1819.

2. By the end of last week,NEW had more than 1,418,058 addresses, the NewTax had collected more than 29 million NEW.

You can learn about the latest news of Newton project through the following links:

Newton official website:
Telegram English:



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