Newton Weekly | 2020.11.16–2020.11.22

❏ Technical Progress


NewBridge cross-chain application has been integrated in the NewPay and launched on the testnet, and it now supports the cross-chain of NEW, USDT, and ETH assets between NewChain and Ethereum.


The R&D and product design of NewSwap 2.0 which supports mining pool liquidity mining are in progress.


NewChain consensus upgrade realizes simple fork upgrade function and optimizes the fork process.

The interface of NewBridge has been optimized and an error in the merger of funds has been fixed. The testnet is now open for testing.

❏ Community News

1. By the end of last week, there were 56 Newton community candidate nodes. The number of elected nodes was 52. The amount of NEW locked in nodes exceeded 8.59 billion.

2. By the end of last week,NEW had more than 732,947 addresses, the number of NewID had exceeded 660 thousdand and NewTax had collected more than 29.47 million NEW.

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