Newton Weekly | 2018.09.24- 2018.09.30

❏ Technical Progress

1. We added the Newton Ecology introduction video and the French white paper on the official website, and optimized the Russian and English websites, and launched the Newton dashboard NewStatus.

2. Information on the Newton project is available on the wiki website:

3. NewExplorer added statistical indicators for transactions and contracts.

4. We optimized the structure of the transaction details page in NewPay.

5. We completed the features development of NewID and user growth in NewPay.

6. We completed the framework design of the main network deployment of NetChain.

❏ Team News

1.Newton adviser Theodore Gray worked at Newton Sanlitun office for a week. Newton founder Xu Jizhe and Mr. Gray discussed the optimization of Newton’s technical architecture, decentralized storage network and optimization of smart contract design in details.

Since joining the Newton Advisory team on July 31, 2018, Mr. Gray has been working to optimize Newton’s technical architecture and promote Newton to the global community.

2.Newton’s founder Mr. Xu Jizhe and advisors Mr. Hu Dinghe and Professor Gu recently met Mr. Zhou Shuoji, the founder of FBG Capital. Mr. Xu introduced the Newton Project as well as the team’s progress to date, while Mr. Zhou commented on the clarity of the project’s execution and stated that he looks forward to the huge potential for close cooperation between Newton and FBG.

FBG, founded in 2016, is the one of China’s largest cryptocurrency hedge funds and venture capital funds, aiming to build the Silicon Valley of the blockchain world and attract excellent blockchain projects and investors. Mr. Zhou was previously exclusively featured on the home page of Forbes.

3. On 28 September 2018, Founder of Newton Project, Mr. Xu Jizhe had a meeting with Ms. Zeng Bibing, Co-Founder of Block VC, along with four other members. Dr. Hu Dinghe, Newton Project Adviser, and Newton’s technical team director also attended the meeting. Xu Presented Newton Project’s newest pipeline and its super-node program. In response, Ms. Zeng expressed her opinion that the progress and project adoption plan have significantly surpassed her expectations. She looks forward to the official launch of NewMall, Newton’s first commercial application.

BlockVC is a reputable venture capital in China and an important partner of the Newton Project. In the future, BlockVC and Newton will collaborate together on Newton’s adoption in payment, supply chain, agriculture, charity, gaming, and self-finance industries.

❏ Community News

1. At 13:00 GMT, 28 September 2018, The Newton Project’s English Wiki officially launched. The wiki is an openly editable encyclopedia that keeps track of Newton’s milestones and technical progress. It allows anyone to read and edit contents of the Newton Blockchain Project, including technical architecture, consensus mechanism, NewChain, Human-Machine community, incentive mechanism, etc. The wiki is Newton’s encyclopedia which records Newton’s development from various perspectives. Newton welcomes everyone in the community to participate in the construction of Newton wiki and the perfection of this enormous knowledge database infrastructure. You can also add Newton social media groups that you created or propose to organize community gatherings under the wiki page editing, which will benefit local people to join the community. Let’s build Newton together!

2. On September 28, 2018, Newton advisor and Bitcoin Ambassador Willson Lee met with Mr. Lin Yang, who is planning to participate in the Newton Super Node campaign, in Tokyo, Japan. He also met with local media and community supporters to promote Newton and build the global community.

3. On the afternoon of September 29, 2018, the blockchain Golden Autumn Investment Private Club organized by Dong Longhai, a member of the Newton Jiangsu Community, was held.

The private salon invited Mr. Mei Hu, the founder of New Chain Technology, to share the latest industry trends and the progress of the Newton Project. New Chain Finance Technology is a well-known vertical media in the blockchain industry and has expressed its willingness to run as a Newton Super Node and contribute to the Newton Project. The attendees came from various industries. After about four hours of communication, the community had a deeper understanding of the Newton project.

❏ Media News

1. This week, the international media Icoschedule reported on the Newton project, highlighting Newton’s vision and commercial applications, and promoting Newton’s third round token exchange.

2. This week, the domestic vertical media Angel Chain Circle comprehensively expounded the Newton project, covering the human-machine community that Newton initiated, the Newton’s business model “everyone contributes, everyone benefits” and the community economy and so on, which has increased the influence of Newton in the blockchain industry.

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