Newton weekly | 2018.09.10–2018.09.16

❏ Technical dynamics

1. We updated the pages of the hyper exchange protocol, basic technology, community, and organization introduction in the official website.

2. We have completed the selection and testing of the mailinglist.

3. We have completed the compressed storage of block information in NewExplorer.

4. NewPay now supports Japanese and fixes bugs such as memory leaks and flashbacks.

❏ Team dynamics

1. On September 15, 2018, the founder of Newton, Jizhe Xu attended “Song Mountain forum — — Huaxia civilization talks to the world civilization”, during the “culture and financial round table conference”, he exchanged ideas with some people from Political and Commercial circles, including Guangzhi Zhang as previous vice president of the People’s Political Consultative Conference of Henan, Shouguo Wang as vice president of Literary Association of Henan, Jinjun Yang as mayor of the People’s Government in Dengfeng, Qiji Ren as director of Classic Development Foundation Chinese Social Culture Development Foundation, Zhongyan Huo as founder of Whales Capital(Shanghai), etc., they covered the culture and financial topics under the newstage of social development.

Mr Jizhe Xu introduced the possible impacton culture and finance from blockchain technology, it indicates that the newtechnology will impact every aspect of the society, everyone in every circle should pay more attention to it, meanwhile Mr Jizhe Xu introduced to participants on the exploration that Newton project has done regarding Social nomics.

2. Newtonadvisor Dr. Hu Dinghe and Newton co-founder Mr. Li Shubin attended the TsinghuaUniversity Blockchain Symposium on the afternoon of September 15, 2018.Meanwhile, Huobi founder Li Lin, Zhongguancun Blockchain Alliance Board ofDirectors Yuan dao, and the founder of the encryption club Bao Song, and manyTsinghua alumni attended the symposium.

Dr.Hu Dinghe, the vice president of Tsinghua University Chongqing Alumni Association, was commissioned to host the symposium by the deputy director ofthe School Committee Mr. Shi Zongkai. Dr. Hu Dinghe and Newton co-founder LiShubin gave a comprehensive introduction to Newton and explained the vision of Newton that “everyone should benefit from economic growth” and the detailed current progress of the Newton project. All participants expressed their strong interest in Newton’s upcoming blockchain project and raised a number of questions, including how NewMall differentiates from traditional e-commerce?Why is NewMall’s transaction size reaching 3 billion next year? How to leadmillions of customers from Newton joint business organizations to do shopping on NewMall? Dr. Hu Dinghe and Mr. Li Shubin answered the above questions one by one.

Dr. Hu Dinghe has earlier suggested to the secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University Chen Xu and the deputy director of the School Committee Shi Zongkai that Tsinghua University should jointly build a blockchain laboratory with the Harvard University. Tsinghua University’s top leaders have attached great importance to this proposal and instructed to hold this Blockchain Symposium.

3. On September 14,2018, the “China Financial Outsourcing Summit” was held in Hefei Province.Mayor of Hefei Zhu Ce, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Ding Huiru, and deputy governor of the Bank of China Lin Jingwei, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Newton advisor and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Executive Director Mr. Hu Dinghe also delivered a keynote speech “The blockchain leads the digitalage of the Internet of Everything” at the summit.

Starting from the integration of technological innovation led by blockchain technology and traditional finance,Mr. Hu Dinghe proposed that the blockchain technology and governance mechanism represented by Newton is reshaping and upgrading the traditional financial ecosystem. The Newton community economy will provide a better organizational structure, better ways to collaborate, and better incentive mechanism for the traditional business ecosystem, so that everyone can benefit from economic growth.

The “China Financial Outsourcing Summit” is the annual industry event with the highest level,largest scale and strongest influence in China’s financial service outsourcing industry. Participants are industry leaders covering all levels of government,financial institutions, scientific research institutions, Internet companies,and innovation platforms. They gather here to discuss trends and challenges in the development of the financial industry in the new era, opportunities and focus of technological innovation, breakthrough and transformation of and finance technology.

4. On September 11, 2018, thefounder of Newton, Mr Jizhe Xu was interviewed by Mars Finance. The interviewis mainly about Newton testnet launching and progress of the project, this interview will be announced exclusively.

5. On September 12, 2018, Media InfoQ visited Newton’s office at Sanlitun of Beijing and interviewed the founder of Newton, Mr Jizhe Xu, and recorded a video. InfoQ (Information Queue) is an online news, community website, it aims at providing a communications platform for software developers through promoting the propagation of software development knowledge and innovation.

❏ Community dynamics

1. We updated the community page on Newton’s official website (,we welcome everyone from all over the world to join the your local community.Meanwhile, feel free to start your own community to enhance the communications with the local community.

2. Newton NewChain Testnet will continue to be tested and upgraded, please share your valuable feedbacks to us at

❏ Media

1. September 10, 2018, Media TMCnet re-publish the article “NewChain TestNet Officially Launched and Fully Meets Commercial Requirements”, provide some insights on how Newton’s technology will impact business vision.

2. Duringthe past week, some vertical media like BlockNet reported Newton project,analysed Newton’s man-machine association, token design, business model,technical architecture and on-chain business application scenarios in detail,etc.




Infrastructure for the community economy

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Infrastructure for the community economy

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