Newton weekly | 2018.08.27–2018.09.02

❏ Technical dynamics

1. The developer website is online, providing NewPay download, receiving NEW for the TestNet and other functions;

2. We fixed the time zone bug in NewExplorer, optimized the query performance, and improved the process communication mechanism.

3. We optimized the operation flow in NewPay, fixed the bugs of flashback.

4. We completed NewChain’s security testing and vulnerability scanning to ensure the operation stability

5. We completed the engineering prototype development of the hardware wallet NewKey, which supports the USB interface.

❏ Team dynamics

1. The Newton team announced that Newton NewChain TestNet will be launched on September 3, 2018 at 00:00 (GMT). NewChain TestNet consists of three main components, NewChain, NewPay and NewExplorer. The NewChain TestNet is characterized by high transactionprocessing speed, main chain + sub-chain design structure, supporting decentralized account system and DPoS mechanism and so on technologies, which can meet commercial requirements in terms of transaction processing speed, scalability, and governance. The address of Newton TestNet address is, and we look forward to your experience and suggestions.

2. On the afternoon of August 29, 2018, Newton co-founder Mr. Shu Bin Li was invited to attend the “2018 10th Paidai Annual E-Commerce Conference “ and delivered a speech entitled “What new opportunities will be brought by the combination of blockchain + retail.” More than 4.8 million people watched the live webcast of Mr. Shubin Li’s speech.

Mr. Shubin Li explained the three attributes of the token based on blockchain technology. He believes that the equity and usage attributes of token can only be realized by applying the blockchain technology to serve the real industry. As a “Infrastructure for the community economy” based on blockchain technology for business, Newton will provide comprehensive infrastructure services for various industries including e-commerce.

The Paidai Annual E-Commerce Conference has been focusing on the future trends and opportunities in e-commerce and new retail fields since founded in 2009. It has become an influential summit for the Chinese e-commerce industry and is seen as the “Davos Forum” of the e-commerce industry. Nearly 3,000 people participated in this year’s annual conference. Newton originally proposed the concept of Chain-commerce at the conference and attracted wide attention and recognition in the e-commerce industry.

❏ Community dynamics

On the evening of August 29, 2018, from 19:00 to 22:00, the “Newton Global 100 Cities Tour — Guangzhou Station” offline salon, which is sponsored by the Newton community member WeMerge Community and co-organized by the Micro Valley Zhongchuang Community, was successfully concluded. Newton co-founder Mr. Shubin Li conducted in-depth exchanges with community members.

Based on the blockchain technology, Mr. Shubin Li elaborated on the value of the Newton community economy. As a blockchain-based community economic infrastructure for the business environment, Newton will provide comprehensive infrastructure services for various industries. Any participant can develop decentralized applications in the Newton ecosystem, such as shopping malls, logistics system, payment Dapps and so on.

After the speech, the participants expressed their opinions and exchanged ideas with each other. They actively communicate with the two speakers and asked many questions, For example, when the retailer in NewMall could achieve the transaction flow of 3 billion RMB? How to solve the problem of TPS speed? Why Newton rebuilds a new public chain NewChain? The salon, which was originally scheduled to end at 21:00, was extended to 22:00 due to the enthusiasm and passion of participants.

❏ Media

1. After the announcement of Newton NewChain TestNet launching plan, many international media outlets reported and reprinted the announcement and expressed the expectation that the test network will bring different experiences.

2. This week, a number of international media have reported intensively on the Newton project and expressed their optimistic expectations for the implementation of Newton’s business application. The blockchain media ranked TOP 3 in Japan made detailed reports on their front page.

3. This week, the Oriental Headlines and other media special editions reprinted the report “Xu Jizhe: How to identify blockchain projects.” The report attracted wide attention from people in the field of science and technology and blockchain in China.

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