Newton offline Meet-up(Beijing)successfully ended

In the afternoon on May 19, Newton held the first time offline meet-up with the theme of “Re-defining the Business Order of the New Economy Era” in Chaoke coffee, Chaoyang District, Beijing. This activity was initiated and organized by the Newton community member, the Moon cloud team. All the Newton community participants of this activity are excited and enthusiasm, who cover various industries including financial, investment bank, digital coin, medium and others. The actual number of attendances is almost twice as much as pre-estimated number. The founders of Newton have conducted in-depth communication and discussion with community members.

The Founder of Newton Jizhe Xu, Co-founder Shubin Li, Advisor and Angel investor Xueyong Gu respectively delivered wonderful speeches and answered the questions put forward by community members.

Newton MeetUp Beijing Community members
Newton MeetUp (Beijing) activity site

Xueyong Gu, the advisor & angel investor of Newton is a Professor comes from Tsinghua University, gave a speech entitled “Blockchain and Digital Assets” firstly. Prof. Gu’s speech provide a technological perspective to understand the construction logic of the Newton project.

Xueyong Gu, Advisor and Angel investor of Newton
Professor of Tsinghua University, Director of iCenter International Exchange Department, PhD and Researcher of engineering system of MIT

Shubin Li, the Co-founder of Newton, Founder and CEO of Okbuy, took the keynote speech entitled “New opportunities for e-commerce”.

Shubin Li, Co-founder of Newton, Founder and CEO of Okbuy, Founder of and hetaolin community

As the third speaker, Newton founder Jizhe Xu gave a speech entitled “Newton: The infrastructure for a protocol-based economy” which aroused warm response and welcome from the audiences.

At the end of Q&A, the founder team answered community members’ questions on Blockchain Token economy, Blockchain and e-commerce, development trend of future Blockchain and so on. The founder team also provided detailed explanation on the conceptualization process and future strategic plan of Newton project and was greeted with warm applause from the audience.

Jizhe Xu, Founder of Newton, Co-founder and Angel investor of Elastos, Founder of Zeuux, Free software pioneer

interactive section, Newton founders and community members discussed hotspot issues including Token economy, Blockchain e-commerce, features of Newton and strategic plan in future.

Jizhe Xu, Shubin Li and Xueyong Gu respectively accepted the interviews of CCTV financial and securities channel by the reporter Xuesong Zhang.

Xuesong Zhang took and exclusive interview with Xueyong Gu, the Angel investor of Newton
Xuesong Zhang took and exclusive interview with Shubin Li, the Co-founder of Newton
Xuesong Zhang took and exclusive interview with Jizhe Xu, the Founder of Newton

During the intermission, Newton official operation team interviewed community members: the Partner of BODHI SATOSHI Chunzhi Huang, and the Founder of MuRan Capital Min Su. They are very confident on the prosperity of Newton project development.

the Partner of BODHI SATOSHI Chunzhi Huang
the Founder of MuRan Capital Min Su

Many Newton community members come to the meet-up far from other provinces. All the Newton project teams and activity organizers sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and support from these community members.
The content of Newton founders’ speech, interview and community user Q&A section will be edited and published later. Thank you for your attention.

Newton: The infrastructure for a protocol-based economy

As the “Future Top Blockchain project” and “New Generation of Rising Pubchain”, Newton aims at building a new organizational form and collaborative mode through Blockchain, re-defining business orders. We firmly believe that “Everyone should benefit directly from economic growth” and “Users should own the data”. The value created by data should be returned to users in a pre-arranged manner.

Infrastructure for the community economy