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Influenced by the modern lifestyle of “residence, laziness and busyness”and the rapid development of the Internet, the e-commerce sales volume of the global retail e-commerce giant Amazon in the United States increased by 32% year-on-year to 196 billion dollars in 2017, accounting for 43.5% of its total sales. According to the world e-commerce report of the International E-commerce Center, China’s e-commerce transactions totaled about 29.2 trillion, and the number of B2C consumers and online shoppers ranked first in the world in 2017. The future of e-commerce is very promising.

At the same time, China’s online retail industry is developing rapidly, and its growth rate is much higher than the overall retail industry. According to China’s customs data, cross-border e-commerce increased by an astonishing 80.6% in 2017.

According to the long-term data of my survey, the annual compound growth rate of the online retail industry in China from 2012 to 2017 was 38%, which will maintain the compound annual growth rate of 21% by 2020.

The rapid development of China’s cross-border e-commerce is reflected not only in the size and growth of the market, but also in the continuous expansion of trading partner countries and regions. Currently, China’s cross-border e-commerce trading partners cover more than 220 countries and regions around the world. The following figure shows China’s top 10 trading partners of cross-border e-commerce in 2017.

With the development of ‘One Belt And One Road’, the economic and trade exchanges between China and countries along the belt and road will be further deepened. In 2017, the growth rate of cross-border trading volume between China and France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries exceeded 50%. With Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and other e-commerce transactions growth rate of more than 100%. Cross-border e-commerce exports to South Korea and Japan rose by 168 % and 44 %, respectively.

( Hong Kong ranks top of the list, as a result of the transfer)

From the current international positioning of Newton itself, with its perfect blockchain technology can solve the biggest pain in cross-border e-commerce point, through the blockchain technology decentralization of the trust mechanism, with it cannot usurp.Modification and confidentiality make traceability possible.

With the unique advantages of tracking, uploading, verifying cross border goods of block chain, it is bound to help Newton in the cross-border e-commerce market share, write a heavy pen in the future.

(Newton’s official website now supports 14 languages, and has obvious international strategic intentions)

In addition to cross-border e-commerce marker,China’s local e-commerce supplier market is equally optimistic.

At present, China’s online retail penetration rate is 15%, the penetration rate of online shopping users is more than 70%, the market is broad, stable growth, long-term good, industry scale effect is obvious.

It is these points that form the basis of my optimistic Newton project, only the project itself in the tuyere , running up speed will be more efficient, which is very understandable.

Although for the relatively mature market, our previous understanding is that the leading enterprises have certain barriers, and it is very difficult for the latecomers to take off quickly. However, the rapid development of “pin duo duo” tells us that as long as the market positioning is good, the market value of $10 billion is indispensable.

For example, “pin duo duo” has 300 million users, with a market value of $30 billion on the first day of the listing. A simple calculation shows that the contribution of each individual user is valued at $100. Even today, two weeks after the decline, the average user is worth $66 by putting together an additional $20 billion in market value.

Then, if a platform can attract 10 million users, its valuation should be 660 million to 10 billion. This corresponds to Newton’s current body size, which is far more than 10 times higher.

In fact, this data is already very conservative. As we all know, users of “pin duo duo” are mainly concentrated in the cities below third-tier cities, with monthly income less than 5,000 yuan. The individual consumption capacity, loyalty and sense of participation cannot be compared with those of Newton’s future participants.

Perhaps this comparison will help us to understand the value of the 10 million NEW holders Xu said next year.

Of course, as a platform valuation, GMV, per capita orders, and unit price are all data that need to be assessed, and I don’t want to make this too complicated at the moment, because I believe Newton in these areas, because of the existence of nodes and the strength of faith, and the rings of the leading role of the first chain merchant, will certainly have an extraordinary watch. Now let’s wait and see.

Please take note of the following picture.

As can be seen from this picture, except for the initial stage in 2016, platform income comes from commodity sales, and the income in the later stage will mainly come from online marketing services and commission income, which accounted for 69% and 30% respectively in 2017.

The proportion of online marketing services is gradually expanding with the growth of the platform. What is online marketing services? In fact, it is to charge merchants for the auction price and the cost of advertising booth fees.

And that is the basis on which “everyone should benefit from economic growth”.

That’s all I want to talk about to you today, and next time I will tell you from other angles which rulers you can use to measure Newton.

For example, if we consider these 10 million users as 10 million secondary market traders, what’s going to happen to Newton?

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