“2018 Community Node Conference” Held in Macao

On December 11, “2018 Newton Community Node Conference” was held in Macao. This event was organized by the Newton Foundation together with Mars Finance and the WeMerge Community and BC Spark Community.

Since its establishment on January 1, 2018, Newton has published the Whitepaper, launched its website, and completed its first token exchange. In its second token exchange, Newton reached 7 times oversubscription. These subscribers come from over 88 countries around the world. Newton launched its Test Net in September which operates steadily and smoothly.

The conference, themed “gravitation,” introduced the technical progress, community governance, incentive mechanisms, commercial ecosystem, and future of the project. Newton invited blockchain scholars, experts, well-known institutional investors, vertical media, and community members to witness Newton’s accomplishments in blockchain.

Newton founder Xu Jizhe briefly introduced the current community development of the project. Although the blockchain sector has entered a bear market, the Newton community remains as warm as ever. The community is now at 170,000 members, coming from 88 countries, and with 18 different languages. Xu revealed that that number is expected to see exponential growth by the end of 2019.

After that, Newton Advisor Theodore Gray, co-founder of Walfram Research, introduced the project’s technical progress and long-term plans, including TPS, main chain and sub-chain solutions, blockchain storage, IoT, and AI.

When introducing the technical progress, Xu stated that NewChain will be launched on next December 18, 2018, marking a new chapter in the project’s commercialization. Xu also said that Newton has reached cooperation with Sina, the only blockchain cooperation agreement signed with a NASDAQ-listed company. The cooperation involves mining by storing user data to receive NEW tokens.

NewPay will be released as the official wallet app alone with the launch of NewChain, for now NewPay supports payments, which will be settled within 3 seconds with 5,000 TPS. Xu stated that NewPay may eventually become a universal wallet. Its beta version supports Ethereum. Considering the needs of users in different countries, NewPay currently supports Chinese, English, and Japanese. In the future, it will support more languages. On January 2019, NewPay will receive an update introducing Community Governance, Incentives and Newton Ecosystem features.

Newton co-founder Li Shubin announced that Newton will soon launch the most important application in the Newton ecosystem, NewMall. He revealed that NewMall will link up high-quality merchants and cost-effective goods, providing users with mainstream, quality branded goods. NewMall has already reached cooperative intention agreements with WithWheat and a number of home furnishing brands. Newton hopes to create a new business system without changing users’ payment habits or challenging their preferences.

After NewMall comes online, NewPool will be used to facilitate and promote the installation of NewPay. The prospect of NewPay still has great room for expansion. We hope Newpay will become true data attractor and the most important human-machine interface in the blockchain world.

The Media Project will become a media outlet for the whole blockchain sector. Catiah Li, head of the Media project, said that it will connect industry leaders, business founders, community founders, and application developers. She also revealed that Newton will organize online and offline activities through the media Project to, including sector conferences.

It is worth mentioning that Newton will release its underlying protocol next year. Developers will be able to use it to design DApps, derive their own protocols, and integrate with Newton. Xu said that Newton aims to create a free and open global environment.

While these blockchain applications are in active development, Newton is also increasing its cooperation in traditional industries. It will work with the Chongqing Grain Group to jointly develop a blockchain smart planting project. The two sides will work together on data storage, grain storage, and logistics to make grain planting and purchasing more secure, convenient, and intelligent.

In the second half of the conference, Newton hosted four roundtables: “Newton Community Governance and Incentives,” “How Newton’s Technology can Improve the World,” “Reshaping the Value Proposition of Blockchain in the Cold Winter,” and “From Improvement to Reform, From Sector to Ecosystem.”

Community members took part in discussions on the current status and future plans for Newton’s community governance and incentives. As one of the proposals conclude by this conference, the Newton Community Members’ Shifting Management Plan will be launched soon, which is mainly about the members in turn taking over the community and getting rewards.

Theodore Gray stated that Newton project uses its own platform and technology to create a new business model, and make everyone’s life better, so that everyone can live in a more fair, free and open environment.

Walfram Research Blockchain Lab. CEO Jon said blockchain will be infrasturcture of future society,Newton can play an important role.

In the Reshaping the Value Proposition of Blockchain in the Cold Winter roundtable, Bitcoin Ambassador Lee Willson said that the winter only influences investors who measure value using fiat currencies. For other crypto asset holders, the first consideration is whether the currencies they hold have a future, and second is whether they can disappear.

At the From Improvement to Reform, From Sector to Ecosystem roundtable, Li said that “Although most blockchain applications require long-term transformation and improvement to disrupt traditional industries, this process is still required.”